Wedding Wednesday - How to Choose Your Flowers

I'm staying at my parents' place this week, which has been a solid few days of wedding planning. I was joking to my mum last night that we just filled a year's worth of Wedding Wednesday posts in the last 72 hours. 

Today though, I wanted to share some of my tips on how to pick the perfect petals...

1. Keep the overall look of the wedding at the heart of your choices

It's great to be inspired by other peoples' weddings, 
to see sweet tea cups filled with soft pink wildflowers and fall in love, 
but if you've already decided to plan a monochrome city wedding, 
it's a love best kept to the Pinterest board. 

My favourite flowers are ox-eye daisies (or Leucanthemum vulgare - my research tells me)
but Samm and I decided in the early days of engagement that we both really wanted a cozy winter wedding - where daisies just wouldn't work.
We're having a wedding styled largely around his Scottish-ness and my English-ness. 
So lots of tartan with lace, whiskey and tea... 
so logically, thistles and roses!
I believe it really adds something when the flowers are not just beautiful, but also meaningful. 

(photo by Lillian & Leonard)

2. Do your research and know your budget

Sorry to bring up the B word in amongst all the excitement, 
but it will save you on disappointment if you flick through your latest stack of bridal magazines with an awareness of how much it can all add up to. 
A morning spent cruising the internet before you go to visit a florist can really help.
Learn about shapes - knowing the difference between a posey and a pomander will show a florist you know what you're talking about. 
Ask what's in season, as flowers easily available will save you money.
3. Think like a man

Sounds crazy when we're talking flowers, I know, but imagine if you had to
wear things based on his choices (we've all seen the Don't Tell The Bride disasters!!)
When choosing buttonholes, bear in mind what he's going to think of wearing that on his chest all day. It's got to be a good thing if he enjoys wearing his little floral piece, rather than gritting his teeth and putting up with it for fear of unleashing Bridezilla. 

 Samm and his men will be wearing these gorgeous dried boutonnieres  
made by Ann Marie at Cherubino Crafts
They tie in perfectly with the theme and with my tastes and with the rest of the flowers,
but they also have that man-friendly rustic edge, so he loves them too. 

4. Don't be afraid to be different

This probably goes without saying to most people judging by the amazing variety of images out there... But just to reiterate - It's ok to love what you love. In fact, it's not just ok, it's great! 
Sadly, I've spoken to lots of older and wiser women who speak about their wedding day and say "...but I do wish I'd had what I wanted, rather than caving to somebody else's opinions"
So, in fact, if you are planning the monochrome city wedding I mentioned, but you really do want tea cups filled with wild flowers, don't let my suggestions stop you. 
Ultimately, magazines are just a guide, Pinterest is just a tool and your friends' and parents' opinions are secondary to yours.  

My choice to make bridesmaid corsages instead of having bouquets 
has been questioned by a few people, 
 but it's an idea I love and I'm so looking forward to seeing them on the day.

5. Get your DIY on

If you're one for making every detail yourself, 
I've always thought it would be fun to have a go at making your own bouquets. 
It would likely be a much cheaper option and if you live close by to your bridesmaids, why not invite them all over and get them all in on the act too?

This lovely creation from Elsie Larson's wedding was made by hand with her friends at her bouquet making party before the big day. 
She's written some great tips for people who are considering giving this a go.
The results were absolutely stunning and so full of personality!

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  1. The tip about choosing carefully and using seasonal (and local) flowers is a great tip! Too many people say "I want peonies everywhere!!!!" and have no idea how expensive they can be if they aren't in season. I'd warn against the DIY bouquet though...I've seen a few too many disasters!

    Thanks for linking up today my dear!


  2. I love the thistle and rose bouquet! Are those the same colors in the picture as what you will be getting? We made everything for my wedding hard but very fun. They were all monochromic, mine were all white and the bridesmaids were all orange.

    1. Yes those are our wedding colours. Thank you, I love them too! I am loving the DIY details I've chosen to take on, I just decided I wasn't brave enough to attempt bouquets! xx

  3. I love your bridesmaid corsage idea! Flowers were pretty low on our priority list so our flower budget was very tight. Except for my calla lily bouquet, we used carnations for bouquets, boutonnieres & centerpieces. Not the most popular wedding flower but I still love them :-)

  4. I love the inclusion of tartan and thistle... they'll make the wedding so much of you. Lovely!


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