Wedding Wednesday - A Weatherproof Wedding

I've been at the sewing machine again!
After gathering lots of lovely inspiration for ideas for projects using faux fur,
I've set to work on winter-proofing my New Year's Eve wedding.

Instead of bouquets, my bridesmaids will be adorned 
with a handmade cream rose corsage each...
...and to keep their little hands warm, 
they will each have a cosy faux fur muff. 

I've been practicing with this lovely pale brown colour, 
but the final versions will be a delicate cream.
(and yeah, I have dyed my hair... thanks for noticing!!)

What do you think?

Anyway, I thought - being Wedding Wednesday and all,
 I'd share some of my ideas for a Weatherproof Wedding...

1. Keep everybody warm

The fur muff idea is one of the little styling touches I'm most excited for on my big day.
Any younger wedding party members?
This hooded cape from Monsoon is stunning for a little flower girl!

2. Choose surroundings to fit the season

We had to realise that having a winter wedding was going to mean sacrificing beautiful outdoorsy running-through-fields-of-daisies type photos.
So instead of planning despite the weather, plan to embrace it.
Our reception venue is going to have an open fire, 
and a lounge area where people can curl up 
in comfy couches with a glass of red or a cup of tea.

3. Turn your concerns into hopes

Positive mental attitude will get you far in this life.
So many people have said to me "Oooh but what if it snows? What will you do??"
Umm snow would save me a bomb in confetti costs!
And who wouldn't genuinely love a Friends-esque Phoebe and Mike wedding?
"What about rain though? Surely rain would ruin everything!"
Sounds just lovely to me!
Some of my favourite wedding photos are those of couples cuddling up under a giant brolly.
Also a perfect way to avoid the rain smearing your bridal make up all down your cheeks.

4. Recreate your favourite chilly days

Winter is not the time for outdoor lawn games or sky lantern releases,
but it is the time for cosy board games, hot chocolates and blankets. 
Have a word with your venue, most will be ok with you spending the day before designing your space to be exactly how you'd like it.

5. Use the "traditional" bits to do something different

We're swapping champers on arrival for mulled wine.
Instead of confetti as we come out of the church, why not hand out sparklers?
(These heart shaped sparklers from Confetti are just too adorable)
Instead of a guest book, we're opting for a bare white tree which guests can adorn with their messages of love to us (more on that in a later post!)

Any other ideas for a perfect chilly day wedding?
I'm always open to last minute additions to my own plan!


  1. I love all of these ideas Nikki! I love how you're so positive about the cold weather too. It makes me want to plan a winter wedding! Those muffs are just too adorable (I've seen them around lately and I just love them), and I think those capes are so sweet for a flower girl!

    I wish I even had the option to plan a wedding in the snow, really, but we don't get much of that in Southern California ;)

    Thanks for linking up today my dear!


  2. All your ideas sound so great and so is your attitude! Never let anything stop you from having one of the greatest days of your life! Those sparklers are such a great idea, i love it sooooo much!

  3. You know I LOVE winter weddings & after reading all of your fabulous ideas here, yours is going to be absolutely wonderful! The rose corsage & faux fur muff are just lovely. We did keep most photos inside but my Groom & I snuck out for a few outdoor photos posed by the snow from a recent snowstorm & those are my favorite photos :-)

  4. I LOVE weddings in the snow so I hope you get some! I think the muffs are awesome too. Great style.

  5. such good ideas! a friend got married last January and wore the most beautiful white fur capelet. she looked so elegant! I'd love to go to a winter wedding with a fireplace :)

  6. Wow, these ideas are going to look amazing! This phase of planning your wedding must be so fun. Thank you very much for stopping by. I must say, your blog is beautiful.

  7. This is just so sweet! Your wedding will be beautiful. We had a "winter wonderland" wedding after it snowed on our wedding day. Whoops! Thankfully everything went off without a hitch and we have some gorgeous photos to show for it. Here are some of them: http://makingroomwithus.blogspot.com/2012/01/happy-anniversary-to-us.html!


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