Craft Stall Inspiration *plus display tutorials*

I mentioned recently that at the end of this month, 
I'll be doing my first ever craft stall.

So naturally, I've been doing what all good creative minds do when faced with an exciting new opportunity... I put the kettle on and started a new Pinterest board!

Here's some of my favourite inspiring craft stall displays 
(and some everso clever DIY display ideas at the end)

This gorgeous display from Katie Daisy at The Big Crafty (via Going Home to Roost) is simple and sweet. It's easy to see everything on show and I love the subtle details like the little daisies in tiny little vases so the whole presentation is in keeping with her style.

This cute little display from Mrs Jackson Loves is a great example of why consistent colour scheme is key. Everything just looks so homey and gives you an instant impression of who she is and what her work is about. 

So I love Bramble and Oak's styling. I could have told you a Bramble and Oak craft stall would be no disappointment even before seeing the beautiful pictures.
And the most important thing on display here is a smile. I've been to too many markets where people just don't look like they really want you to approach them. 

I love the clear layout of this stall from Miss Arkaya. The vintage trays, cute bird cages and clear price labelling all make for a stall you'd stop and have a gander at.

But what to do when you just don't have the spare cash to invest in pretty hangers and stands and jewellery busts?? Why, make your own, of course!
These clever tutorials are at the top of my to do list...

How to make your own ring display box with just a tray, some foam and a piece of fabric - from Popko

Or do you make chunky statement necklaces but can't afford to buy the fancy busts? 
This "why did I never think of that" tutorial from Stella and Hodge has the answer!

Still not enough inspiration for you?
Here's a few links to check out for even more craft fair inspiration...

1. Even more lovely craft display examples over at Quiltish 

from Premier Packaging

3. This incredibly inspiring Pinterest board from Life in the Thrifty Lane

I'm so excited to get my own stall all put together!!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. the bust idea is fantastic! i will have to try that our for displaying my wire necklace pendants!

  2. Hi Nikki

    I love the top display totally drool-worthy. I am the biggest pinterest addict I LOVE it, I'll have to follow you although please don't judge me when you discover how many pins I have ;)

  3. Hi Nikki

    Thank you so much for the lovely mention. You have really made my day. I wish I could honestly say that I'm always this smiley! Gillian


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