Nikki Joy Christmas Craft Stall

So this week is the Christmas craft stall!

My room is covered in ribbons and glitter and fabric and glue 
and I'm bustling around trying to do all the last minute bits and bobs for it.
 I figured it's about time to share what I've been up to lately as a little sneak preview of some of what I'll be selling on the day...

Needle Cases
...which would make just the cutest stocking filler, no?

Christmas Pudding Tree Decorations
...I may sneak a couple of these to keep for myself.

Poinsettia Hair Slides
...for the reserved-but-still-a-little-bit-festive Christmas day outfit.

Novelty Festive Earrings
... for those of us who love a little bit of silly!

What do you think? 
Would you stop by for a chat at the Nikki Joy craft stall this Thursday?


  1. Such cute stuff (especially the Poinsettia Hair Slide)- I'm sure your craft stall will be very popular!

    1. Why thank you! It went very well and the poinsettia's actually did get most of the attention! Hope you're having a lovely week =)

  2. I love your Christmas Pudding tree decs, they are fab! Hope the stall goes well.


  3. wow, 1st look at your blog (won't be the last)
    Will any of those cute Christmas items be in your shop?-Hope so!

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by =)
      Yes, I'm actually listing a few of my newest goods in my Folksy store over the next week or so... Have a peek! http://folksy.com/shops/nikkijoy

  4. Hi, hope the stall went well - love the christmas pud hearts! I am sure your lovely smile and warmth drew in as many customers as your cute crafts. Not long until the wedding now, exciting times!

    1. Hey Simone!! It was really good fun, thank you! I'm secretly a little bit glad not all of the Christmas puds got sold as I quite fancy keeping a couple for myself. A few are up for grabs in my Folksy store though. It is exciting times! Only 4 weeks to go! =)

  5. I really love those Christmas Pudding Tree Decorations! They are so adorable!

  6. Those poinsetta hair clips are awesome! I hope the craft stall went well x

  7. hahaha my house is the same ! But isn't it just fun being covered head to toe in glitter, feathers, ribbon, tinsel and the likes ! I love this time of year and love the messiness it brings ! Enjoy !

    Love Chrissi xo


  8. Those needle cases are really cute. I just now got into sewing/stitching haha. :) Checkout my winter weather playlist! Follow if you like what you see!

    A Pop of Style

  9. very cute needle cases! make sure you take a picture of your stall, i'm sure it'll look lovely!


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