Wedding Wednesdays - An Early Gift

It's getting seriously close to the wedding now, 
so I'm afraid much of the planning is signing cheques and sending emails, 
with not much to share by way of inspiring ideas and pretty pictures.
So thank goodness for lovely friends to save the day with the just the sweetest wedding gift... 

My friend Michelle, who gifted these to us, is pretty much the most awesome woman I know. She has taught me so much of what it means to be a wife, she is generous and caring, she prays with me and cares for me, makes me huge cups of tea and spends hours listening to me. 
As much as I adore these two little cake forks, 
they are only a small part of what she has gifted me with.

We got chatting (over giant caramel hot chocolates, of course) about the wedding and the plans... and it dawned on me that as much as I am hugely excited for the day itself, 
I'm so much more excited to be married. 

So these two sweet forks won't just be the forks with which we'll tuck into our wedding cake. They will be the forks Samm and I bring out on cake date night when we spend our evenings curled up on our sofa together in our house. Not just a wedding gift but a marriage gift.

Speaking of which, I'm off to the estate agents to sign on the dotted line for our marital home!!


  1. What a lovely gift and how exciting about your new home:)


  2. Friends like that are hard to find. She sounds awesome and what an even more exciting event happening, a new house, yay! Congrats!

  3. I recently got married myself and it was a wonderful day, but it goes by fast! Enjoy every minute!

  4. Sooo cute!! Sorry but the wedding gifts today are so much cooler than what was around 6 years ago! Also, CONGRATS on the home purchase - I'm sure you are just as creative with decor! :)

  5. that's a really sweet gift. all the best for all the last preparations. don't forget: if not everything goes as planned it's no big deal. as long as you say "i do" to the right guy everything is perfect!

  6. thats a sweet and lovely wedding gift. The forks are lovely. Congrats for the wedding :)

  7. So lovely! I love the cake date night i'm going to pinch that idea. My husband & I have been trying to do regular date nights but with 2 children to arrange childcare for & no spare money for treats its not always easy.


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