Inspired by... Archery

Sometimes we find inspiration in funny places. 

My husband is (amongst many other geeky things) a keen archer.
His little man-corner of the house is filled with bags of feathers and bits of wood,
our kitchen table is, more often than not, rigged up to be his arrow-making table,
and it only recently struck me that he is actually a much more committed crafter than me.

A little handful of his handmade arrows.

As I've watched him working away mixing glues and picking different colours and shapes and woods and whatever else he's up to, I've found myself feeling a little in love with the whole thing* 
and suddenly drawn to lots of lovely bits of crafting and creativity featuring bow and arrows. 

* plus there is the guilty geek in me who does spend a lot of time playing Zelda games 
/ loves Hunger Games / watches Brave more than is probably acceptable. 

Here's some of my favourite Archery-inspired finds...

These beautiful wooden Bow and Arrow earrings by smalladventure are just too lovely! 
I love the little details, and the rest of the Etsy store is well worth a nosey 
if you're into cutesy outdoorsy prints. 

I love the style of this print from RiverLuna
One day, when we have an actual studio space in our house, 
I might just allow a little archery corner just so I can decorate it accordingly!

This bow and arrows printed fabric is so adorable.
(not that there's anything adorable about archery - it's very manly... sorry honey!) 
You can find loads of other beautiful fabrics in Katherine Codega's Etsy store.
I'm a big fan of "mountains" and "anchors aweigh"

This arrows illustration is right up my street. 
I love the simplicity of Bluestar Ink's pieces. 

These little pins from Miniature Rhino just stole my heart.
I still have a little fabric pin-badge kit that needs something this lovely doing!
Jessica Marquez (shop owner at Miniature Rhino) also recently released the book 
"Stitched Gifts", which I can tell you, is an absolute delight!

This print by Juan Chavarria Jr. has been doing the rounds for a while and I completely adore it. I can be found 9 days out of 10 wearing a little ampersand necklace, so this combination is a winner in my books.

The simplicity of these earrings by Touch the Dutch is stunning.
These with a plain tee and my favourite shorts and I'd be good to go...
...just in case anyone's looking to buy me some earrings. 

OK now we're talking decoration!!
The colours, the geometry, the size combination... 
I could definitely permit this one in the man corner.
This set is available from Austin Made This.

What inspires you by surprise? 
Do you ever look at something in a new light and feel driven?

I feel a blog series coming on...


  1. I love all these finds! And that your hubby makes his own arrows- that is so cool.

  2. There's something a bit sexy in arrows - not sure why. Don't worry I love Zelda too!

  3. That's really fun that your husband is so into archery! I love arrows these days too...for no reason in particular. I've never even picked up a bow and arrow! I do love those earrings though. So cute!

  4. oh my god, I love everything ! :)

    thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a comment !

  5. I love these prints and fabrics! Perfect decor for a lake house!

  6. That fabric is so CUTE! I need to purchase some for my sister, who is also an archer!! Her and Samm should meet.


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