Make a Difference

I've been up to something that I want to share with you guys.

The last time I cut my hair short (and by short, I mean a long bob) was over 5 years ago, 
just as I left home for University.
Ever since, I've been growing it out, especially once I got engaged 
and went through the standard "brides have long hair!!" stage.

This coming Thursday, I will be donating at least 8 inches of my hair to the Little Princess Trust
who make real hair wigs to girls and boys who have had to go through chemotherapy. 

I'm also raising money for Victim Support, 
a charity who provide a massive spectrum of help in different ways 
for people who have found themselves victim of crime. 
This includes emotional and practical suppprt for those who have been raped or abused, 
burgled or intimidated and those who have suffered loss through homocide.
These people and many others would benefit from a donation to the charity.  

Now I know I haven't met 99% of the people who read this blog, 
but I get the impression you're a good bunch.
And if I could be so bold, 
I would be so touched if you could reach into your pocket and support these two awesome causes.

You can give here...

Thank you so much.